Nehru Place

Nehru Place is one of the largest transit hubs in South Delhi. From office complexes to tourist attractions, temples to cinema halls, Nehru Place caters to crowds of varying demographics. It offers an excellent opportunity to reach a large number of people through our various advertising options. In this cluster, we cover the following areas- 

  • Modi Mill
  • Epicuria 
  • Nehru Place Commercial Centre

These locations are popular with the office crowd, commuters, tourists and shoppers. Our expertise in OOH advertising ensures eye-catching placement and maximum visibility.

Outer Ring Road

The Outer Ring Road is the lifeline of the city, encircling commercial and residential areas, schools and parks, offices and government complexes, etc. This busy, popular road provides several strategic locations to ensure maximum visibility for advertising. All types of vehicles ply on this road, maximizing exposure for people travelling by bus, car, taxi, two-wheelers or autos. Different OOH media are available for use along the route from Savitri cinema area to RTR Marg covering:

  • GK I
  • GK II
  • Soami Nagar 
  • Panchsheel
  • IIT Delhi 
  • Vasant Vihar 
  • Munirka
  • Rao Tula Ram Marg  (near Airport)

The location of our OOH media along the Outer Ring Road covers some of the poshest neighbourhoods in South Delhi, as well as the route taken to the airport, making the location most desirable for advertising.